Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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    Drunken Soccer: Fainting
    “The Art of Deception”

    Finally you are about to discover

    One of soccer’s best kept secrets…

    How to trick your opponents, and get 90% results for your efforts.

    How to get defenders and your opponents off Balance with ease?

    How to drunken dribble with the ball?

    You will even learn Drunken Soccer from the Drunken master himself.

    Dear friends

    I know why you are here? You need a master to teach you the true art of soccer deception. First of all I must say that you can trick any player no matter who they are? And I will show you step by step techniques that will make you look like you were born playing soccer. I can assure you that your soccer games will never be the same after you have applied my Drunken Soccer.

    What will Drunken Soccer do for you:

    1) Drunken soccer will make tricking your opponent seems so easy! And it is that easy.

    2) Improve your dribbling skills.

    3) Teaches you how to deceive your opponents.

    4) How to slowly walk and destroy any team.

    5) How to get players and defenders to jump out of your way.

    6) Shows how you can get your opponents to over commit!

    7) You will learn how to understand the fundamentals of soccer tricks .

    8) What you coaches never told you when you just started out?

    9) You will acquire these methods with ease......

    10) You will see your new skills start to shine before you own eyes!

    11) Your friends will even admit that you have improved.

    12) You will discover how to improve you confidence with your new skills

    .....And much more!

    It gives confidence to it students.

    A never failing system that gives 90% results.

    An Ebook that stand in a class by itself!

    It is time now for you to take action about your soccer future!

    Why waste time with what doesn’t work?

    Coach teaches drills; you have to remember!
    While Drunken Soccer teaches to flow with the moment.

    No stress, or pressure.

    "I will teach you My Secrets of Drunken soccer"

    Many coaches will tell you what you want to hear but the Drunken master will teach you what you need to know about tricking defenders, and your opponents. He even breaks it down for you to understand the motion of any trick. As ease as 1-2-3 steps.

    It is your turn to discover how to trick your opponents like the pros.

    The Drunken master says “Many soccer players don’t know how to trick really smart defenders.”

    In this one of a kind soccer EBOOK you will really learn techniques that works all the time.

    Stop dreaming about being a star soccer player? And discover techniques that will make you play better.

    I am tired of running, “Then walk,” said, the Drunken master.

    It was awesome. I wish I had it when I was in high school ! Denise. Tx

    I like the way how the Drunken master explained things! Paul. NM

    I was not sure at first then, I tried it out and my game change for the best. Now I always use it! ......Rick. El Paso

    We watch in awe as Patrick moved slowly down the soccer field tricking his opponents! ......Fans

    You will see immediate results, after applying my Drunken Soccer!

    Don’t choke on those old soccer tricks, and techniques!

    Why not learn from the best, the Drunken master, then you can develop your own Tricking style.

    You must be ready to learn whenever you come to me?”

    What critics are saying: About DS:Fainting


    Blogger Mad Dog said...

    where do i buy this book from?? and i cant get the thing for free taht ur offering.

    3:57 PM  

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